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Not everyone is cut out for singles competition, but this batch of legendary tag teams that spans wrestling history helps to prove that there is no "I" in "team." So whether it's Harlem Heat or the Fabulous Freebirds, the territory days or the Attitude Era, we've gathered up the most influential tag teams in pro wrestling history.

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A MAN who gardai allege is one of the main protagonists in a violent family feud was refused bail after he was charged with assaulting two women with a shovel over the bank holiday weekend.

Learn more about family conflicts that can occur when siblings are caring for their parents.

Family dynamics are infinitely complex, but two underlying themes run through most sibling disputes about their parent’s care: injustice and inheritance.

When one sibling shoulders a disproportionate burden of Dad or Mom’s care, that sense of unfairness can foster resentment.

Often, by virtue of distance, the siblings who live further away are “off the hook” when it comes to caring for an aging parent, while the nearest siblings are obliged to take on a caregiving role.

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