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, a funerary text that described how Ra, god of the sun, was thought to have reunited with Osiris, god of the afterlife.One of the text’s illustrations features an early version of an ancient symbol: the ouroboros, the snake that devours its own tail.His bid for the most powerful office in the world was a blunt-force instrument wielded by an overgrown toddler.Everything about his public persona was simplistic, puffed-up and cliched.

But more than that, everything about the candidate and his candidacy was too on-the-nose.High-stress scenarios, flavoured with competitive chefs, and garnished with a panel of celebrity judges ... The copyright spat between channels Seven and Nine is illustrative.President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly met with “Apprentice” director Mark Burnett to discuss a reality-TV-style inauguration, complete with a grand entrance by helicopter.Burnett, the producer of Trump’s old reality show, and also of shows like “Survivor” and “The Voice,” suggested a parade up Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, at the end of which Trump would take a helicopter ride to Washington, DC.Trump also met at Trump Tower on Wednesday with actor Leonardo Di Caprio to discuss a green-job boost for the economy.

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